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Eazymation's specialized services are multi-cloud, financial cloud, private cloud, public cloud, solution development, and open source development that package various cloud environments.

Multi Cloud Solution

Unify diverse cloud environments to create more effective cloud computing environments

Multicloud is a cloud computing environment consisting of two or more public or private clouds provided by multiple cloud vendors.

In addition to simply using multiple clouds, these multi-cloud environments must pay attention to environments that can cope with security, obstacles, and network issues.

Vendors that provide different services can't provide perfect services, so they can operate more flexibly and efficiently by introducing multi-clouds that complement each vendor's strengths and weaknesses.


Fintech Cloud

Consulting and financial security specialized cloud environment for financial cloud adoption

​Many fintech companies must comply with the government's electronic financial supervision regulations such as computer room, external order management, system protection measures, and network separation to use APIs provided by financial institutions.

​FSDC (Financial Security Data Center), which is designed to comply with these regulations, is provided as a bare metal server by integrating servers, storage, and networks, and requires various types of architectures required by each fintech company. 

Fintech-related startups founded with blockchain or cloud funding, asset management, and smart banking-based services will be able to use FSDC more quickly and conveniently. We also provide various forms of fintech cloud environment services such as multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.


Private Cloud

The best value you can get with OpenStack

OpenStack is the world's most used and standardized open source and cloud framework.

By using OpenStack, companies and public organizations can build private cloud environments with server virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization technologies required for cloud infrastructure.



Open source software to collaborate on code

From project planning and source code management to CI / CD and monitoring and security, GitLab is a single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle.

Even after a large project or a project is over, you can systematically manage the source code where it needs maintenance.

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