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Dev2Job is a service that matches IT developers and corporate recruiters using quantitative data through Git-based project history management.


for HR Manager

When hiring a developer, a company has a variety of difficulties in verifying the contents of a resume.


Development Part,
 content and
Functional verification

Skill, tools,


Role verification in the project

Dev2Job is

By importing the developer's performance directly from the Git account and providing the verified contents as a quantitative / objective resume, it reduces time and cost risks due to complex and diverse performance test and verification, and employs a proven developer for the task. 

  • Increased chance of hiring the right developer for your company and project

  • Explore cost and time savings for identifying developer information needed for a project and company

  • Improved chances of hiring optimal workforce based on performance experience

  • Highly reliable information that can be satisfied by all project PMs, IT managers and HR managers

  • No internal expertise required to verify experience in the specialty

for IT Developer / Engineer

Developers find it difficult to add quantitative career information to their resumes, difficult to update each time, and they don't have time to find new jobs while considering a turnover.



Automatically update your resume

with Git

Reliable data-based history management

Dev2Job is

References stored in your Git account are automatically reflected in your resume. Information on participating projects, roles, functions, skills, etc. is automatically updated, so you can provide reliable and quantitative data-based history management and recruitment information.

  • Project development history is automatically processed in resume form

  • -No need to create / manage resume by linking Git account

  • Easy and simple project history management

  • Providing reliable information based on source code when carrying out a project

  • No separate means for proofing project execution history

  • Always expose history information to company recruiters

  • - Provide opportunities for regular, turnover

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