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Clouvir is a web browser-based cloud SaaS service that does not require a separate client. You can efficiently manage the entire process from IT project development to management and maintenance.

Project management enforces the process, reducing the possibility of security accidents and system confusion in the project, and HTML5 is supported for maintenance and development, so remote access (VNC, RDP, SSH, through a browser) without installing a separate program Telnet, sFTP, rLogin) are managed / controlled to support safe home / remote work.

Integrated project development and operation management

G-Clouds based service for public institutions / local governments


Public institutions

Local government



Public / hybrid cloud-based SaaS service for private / global companies


General company

Collaboration / Team organization

Public Cloud


User Interface

It displays the overall business status and manager's management points for the ongoing business, and visualizes the status of each item and delivers it as summarized information.
By clicking the tab for each management item, it provides a user-friendly environment that allows users to grasp the current status. In the case of SaaS service, it can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet wherever it is available.


Cloud service type


  1. Unlimited number of concurrent users

  2. Add cost based on number of accounts

  3. No installation cost required

  4. Economic plan to use as long as you want

\ 10,000 / user / Month

Installation type


  1. Unlimited number of concurrent users

  2. Add cost based on number of servers

  3. Additional installation cost

  4. License can be leased as long as you like

  5. Customizable according to usage (additional cost added)

\ 10,000,000 / server

Installation cost 3,000,000 (can be negotiated)

Please contact for detailed inquiries.

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